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March 25th, 2007

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Greetings everyone! Hello~ I'm a (relatively new) fan of Sakura Tange's music, and also new to this community. ^^

I know this community appears to be dead, but I've run into a dead-end and this seems to be the only Sakura Tange community out there so I figured there'd be no harm in asking. I've fallen in love with Sakura Tange's sweet music. I heard the samples from Cherry a la Mode Collection 1 on her website and they were simply wonderful. So I went hunting for it, but unfortunately the CD is out of print at CD Japan and Amazon Japan. From what I've been told, YesAsia doesn't have it either. I checked iTunes Japan hoping that there'd be something (even though I don't live there, so I'd have to get a gift card somehow, but it was worth a shot), but nothing there. No luck with Ebay either. I've really tried everything I could think of and don't know where else to turn to. I've had the clips of the album on repeat, and I'd really love to hear the whole thing. I would truly appreciate any help whatsoever.

*tries to breathe life into this community* And here's some exciting Sakura Tange news! She has a new best album out! ^__^

10th Anniversary Best - Sakura SelectionCollapse )

Whew. Sorry this post was so long. ^^'' Thank you for reading this! *keeps fingers crossed that someone will please reply*

July 5th, 2006

Super belated info post ^^; Cherry A La Mode Collection II is SAKURA's winter/Christmas 2005 album (Compilation of songs from her newer MAXI singles, with a couple of never before released exclusive tracks).

Release date: 7th December 2005

Track Listing:

1. every good morning
2. 桜花道 (Ouka/Sakura Hana Michi)
3. blooming
4. きみと風になる(Kimi to Kaze ni Naru)
5. インター@プラネット (Inter@Planet)
6. 夜明けのメリーゴーランド -album version- (Yoake no Merry Go Round -album version-)
7. となりで天使も微笑む (Tonaride Tenshi mo Hohoemu)
8. ふたりの秋み~つけた (Futari no Aki mi ~ Tsuketa)
9. セピア (Sepia)
10. メッセージ (Messeeji/Message)
12. 星の方舟 (Hoshi no Hakobune)

Cherry A La Mode Collection II can be purchased at CD Japan.

Sakura Tange hasn't released another single or album in a long time, because she's busy working on another project with other artists called Monthly Mone, which is a series of Dorama (Drama) CD's (I think), with a couple of vocal songs as well (Sakura's vocal tracks in this project revert back to her old-school anime style. CDs can be found on CDJapan, just do a search for Monthly Mone)

[P.S: Get more people to join the community~!]

December 14th, 2005

Late announcement again...but who ever views this community anyway??? *sads* ;_; I need more members and activity!

Release date: 28th September 2005

Track Listing:
1. インター@プラネット (Inter@Planet)
2. ことほぎ (Kotohogi)
3. 星の方舟 (Hoshi no Hakobune)
4. ボイス絵本 ~おやすみ~ (Voice ehon ~Oyasumi~)

Cherry A La Mode ~Oyasumi~ can be purchased at CD Japan.

October 29th, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My community popnrocksncoke is a stamping, claims, and graphics community. We claim, do graphics on, and stamp for every intrest on our intrest list. Right now the theme is Card Captor Sakura. We are waiting for 10 members to start all our claims, and stamping please be one of those 10 members. I would like to add that fluidic is also a mod. This community is about more then just css but please join!

September 7th, 2005

Bit of a late announcement...^^;;

Release date: 29th June 2005

Track Listing:
1. every good morning
2. 夜明けのメリーゴーランド (Yoake no Merry Go Round)
3. 君と風になる (Kimi to Kaze ni Naru)
4. ボイス絵本 ~おはよう~ (Voice ehon ~Ohayou~)

Cherry A La Mode ~Ohayo~ can be purchased at CD Japan.

April 10th, 2005

Sakura's latest maxi single was released on 23rd March 2005 and this CD seems to celebrate her birthday which was on the 24th March~ ^^

Each of her singles contains 4 tracks, Kokoni Iruyo contains:

1.メッセージ (Messeeji)
3.桜花道 (Sakura Hanamichi)
4.ボイス絵本 ~ここにいるよ~ (Voice ehon ~Kokoni Iruyo~)

The CD can be purchased here at CD Japan as well as all of the other music Sakura has released.

Her CDs have such cute packaging design and pretty music *o*

March 27th, 2005

Welcome one and all to the Sakura Tange LJ Community! I created it today since there hasn't been a community dedicated to her before. :3

Please read the rules in the user info before you join/post~ If you like Sakura Tange please join the community and let anyone else know about it if they're fans too. ^_^

That's all I guess. I'll post more entries another time to get the community going. Over and out!

EDIT: Sakura Tange's birthday was a few days ago (24th March), so Happy Belated Birthday, Sakura-san. ^^

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