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Cherry A La Mode Collection II

Cherry A La Mode Collection II

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Super belated info post ^^; Cherry A La Mode Collection II is SAKURA's winter/Christmas 2005 album (Compilation of songs from her newer MAXI singles, with a couple of never before released exclusive tracks).

Release date: 7th December 2005

Track Listing:

1. every good morning
2. 桜花道 (Ouka/Sakura Hana Michi)
3. blooming
4. きみと風になる(Kimi to Kaze ni Naru)
5. インター@プラネット (Inter@Planet)
6. 夜明けのメリーゴーランド -album version- (Yoake no Merry Go Round -album version-)
7. となりで天使も微笑む (Tonaride Tenshi mo Hohoemu)
8. ふたりの秋み~つけた (Futari no Aki mi ~ Tsuketa)
9. セピア (Sepia)
10. メッセージ (Messeeji/Message)
12. 星の方舟 (Hoshi no Hakobune)

Cherry A La Mode Collection II can be purchased at CD Japan.

Sakura Tange hasn't released another single or album in a long time, because she's busy working on another project with other artists called Monthly Mone, which is a series of Dorama (Drama) CD's (I think), with a couple of vocal songs as well (Sakura's vocal tracks in this project revert back to her old-school anime style. CDs can be found on CDJapan, just do a search for Monthly Mone)

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