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Sakura Tange
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Welcome to the only community dedicated to the wonderful Sakura Tange (Little Seraph, ANGEL, SAKURA etc), a former anime seiyuu idol, current J-Pop artist! The purpose of this community is to promote this underrated artist's work and share related info with other members and meet new fans, so feel free to join if you enjoy Sakura's music, her past voice acting roles or any of her works. ^^

Please support Sakura Tange by purchasing her music here: CD Japan / Yes Asia

By becoming a community member you MUST abide by these rules:

1/ Do not use abusive language or flame other members.
2/ Please use an LJ-Cut when posting images larger than 400x400 pixels.
3/ Do not post quizzes/memes here, they are pointless and really have nothing to do with anything. Your personal journal is for stuff like that.
4/ Please stay on topic!
5/ IMPORTANT - If you are going to share links/files to Sakura Tange's music, you MUST set the entry to FRIENDS ONLY. Please buy her music whenever you can. I understand a lot of her older music is out of print/hard to find so I think it's okay to share those ^^;

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~Sakura's Profile~
Name: Sakura Tange (丹下桜)
Birthdate: 24th March 1973
Birthplace: Haguri, Aichi
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Aries
Bloodtype: O
Interests/Hobbies: Singing, playing piano, shopping, drawing, poetry, writing lyrics, reading, drinking green tea, watching movies, eating tasty food.
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